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How to install Enterprise Splunk

Developer License program
Hi Team,
Let's _**Splunk **_for fun and profit, and most importantly for FREE. Head here. At the time of writing you would land in the following website:
Splunk Dev License Signup
Developer license allows us to install a Splunk deployment to write our own apps, get familiar with their architecture and I imagine they are trying to build and ecosystem for their app...
After installing, you will find your dashboard navigating to localhost:8000/en-US/app/launcher/home from your browser:
Default view, no dashboard configured... yet.
After navigating to New Search, we can see some data being retrieved by the index. As a matter of fact, that is all this section is for.
Search Section
If we were to have issues or cannot browse to Splunk Server at https://localhost:8000/ or the page does not load we have a few options to diagnose the issue:
Troubleshooting shows page loads OK!
1 - Command line and check for open port **8000/tcp **
To open the command line: WIN + X > CMD
2 - Chrome Developer console** - We want to see HTTP/200 code - "OK" **upon refreshing (F5 or Ctrl + R)